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We are Kansas City’s Business School

Invest in your success at UMKC Bloch.

Our graduate programs give you the belief, courage and tools to build tomorrow’s businesses today.

Our graduates are more than a degree. The Bloch School is committed to reinvesting in the Kansas City community. We empower leaders who make a mark, shape the future and make a true difference in Kansas City’s top businesses.

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Why Choose UMKC?

More Career Options

The Bloch School is where future leaders find their career path. Our programs offer customized curricula that connect you with a valuable network of prestigious faculty, alumni and peers.

More Than a Classroom

The Bloch School pushes education forward. Our project-based learning, innovative services and interactive classrooms are where leadership thrives.

More Affordable

Our programs offer accessible tuition, making the Bloch School’s benefits and professional opportunities a sound investment in your success.



Bloch Grads

work in KC

Call 1 (816) 235-5254 for more info.

About Henry Bloch

Henry W. Bloch is the co-founder of tax empire H&R Block and considered to be one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. He is not only the Bloch School benefactor, but also the role model for what we teach: He embodies the philosophy of working hard, generating wealth and success, and completing the continuum by giving back to the community through philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

Programs Available

Executive MBA – Master of Business Administration

Revolutionize your leadership style with a distinguished, personalized degree. Our Executive MBA program is designed to put theory to practice – we help you build your professional skillset with a driven, focused curriculum and broaden your professional network with valuable connections to leading Kansas City professionals.

Professional MBA – Master of Business Administration

Advance your career on your terms. Our PMBA program offers a flexible, affordable curriculum that builds a clear path to your professional success.

M.P.A. – Master of Public Administration

Shape the landscape of the healthcare, nonprofit and urban sectors as a leader in the world of Public Administration.

M.S.A. – Master of Science in Accounting

Set yourself apart as a leader, build your technical competencies and soft skills and advance your accounting career with a Master of Science in Accounting.

M.S.F. – Master of Science in Finance

Benefit from a focused, entrepreneurial and globally-focused curriculum for the in-demand field of financial services.

MSERE – Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Real Estate

Elevate your real estate expertise and connect with a valuable network of alumni and peers with a Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Real Estate.

Is Financial Assistance Available?

Regardless of financial situation or income, students entering Bloch graduate programs can qualify for financial support, and many have chosen to use UMKC financial aid options.

The UMKC Financial Aid and Scholarships Office administers campus-wide merit and talent-based scholarship programs. For assistance with financial aid or scholarships, please contact the office at (816) 235-1154.

Call 1 (816) 235-5254 for more info.

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